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10" Tall Hand Blown Glass Silika Recycler Bubbler


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The Silika Original Recycler must go. Clearance price nearly 40% off from $329.99 to $199.99

Whoa dude, this pipe is cool! Silika designed this hand blown glass sherlock dedicated oil bubbler with a recycler feature. The water actually flows from the bottom chamber up through a snorkle and back down into the original water chamber. It's like a diffused natural perc with a cool water feature! 14mm glass on glass connection.

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truly beautiful, 15th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Josh B

This piece is amazing to say the least. There is almost no restiction when you draw on this piece. the smoke just flows effortlesly from start to finish. Hands down my favorite oil rig to use.

silika sick @ss glass!, 16th May 2013

Reviewer: Mike T

this is the opitomy of cool for an oil burner. without running your smoke through a mile of glass, it's cooled to perfection with this diffusion and delivers thick and smooth everytime. even has a guarded dab dish built in. this is legit plumbing like nothing else.

Recycle and be green!, 3rd Mar 2013

Reviewer: Ariel H

The recycler douses your smoke with water twice, cooling it down and making it a smooth and pleasant inhale. . . it also looks like an awesome scientific instrument ;) oil time!

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