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700ft Beeswaxed Hemp Twine


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Great value! You get 800ft of beeswaxed hemp twine for only $24.99! Get rid of the aweful taste of butane in your smoking experience. Use the best natural alternative ... beeswaxed hemp twine.
This would be compared to the thin version of BeeLine.

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BEELINE to the FINISH LINE!, 18th Oct 2017

Reviewer: Dave R

It has the perfect amount of wax that it doesn't drip or burn to big. The flavor from the wick isn't over powering either, I most certainly prefer this over any other method of fire.

Great Flavor!, 21st Mar 2017

Reviewer: Jessie K.

Used this for the first time a few weeks ago, and was very impressed! Great burn time and gives great flavor. Great price too!

An extra step up., 30th Aug 2015

Reviewer: Xavier S

I am really impressed on the light to the flame. Its really light and I always get the freshest hits with no heavy flame. Makes the smoke sesh last that's for sure.

this IS bang for buck!, 7th May 2014

Reviewer: Mike T

wow i've bought bee line brand forever! still have an almost full spool of it still. but this 800 feet of hemp wick for less than the 200 foot spool of beeline??? if the 800 foot doesn't last the rest of my life, it will have to get stolen for me to use all of this! i love it. lots of wick, not a lot of pocket change!

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