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Bee Line Organic Hemp Lighter Thin Large Spool


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Tasty!, 25th Jan 2017

Reviewer: Natalia H.

I will NEVER torch my bud with a lighter ever again! The taste I get out of my weed when using hemp wick is amazing! I've been wrapping around my twisty glass blunt to protect the piece and hit it all at once.

changed my life, 25th Sep 2016

Reviewer: Brandon J.

I was a skeptic to the hemp wick scene at first but the first time i picked up a spool and tried it myself I haven't used a lighter for my herb ever again. Tremendous difference in flavor and I've noticed after cleaning my pipes and then only using hemp wick to smoke out of it with that they smell much more pleasant.

Beeline for Flavor!, 20th Jun 2016

Reviewer: Raechel G

After trying beeline for a few days, and then taking a toke with a bic, there is a HUGE difference in the quality of taste, and I also noticed that I got more green hits off of using the beeline over the bic.

This is the Beesiness!!, 22nd Jul 2015

Reviewer: Amy J

I won't go back to using a lighter on my bowls - love the true flavor of my bowl that I get using bee line

Mulit-use Must Have, 19th Dec 2014

Reviewer: Xy

I was first turned onto hemp wick when I complained about the taste of butane. I now stash these trial sized ones everywhere! They come in handy for many things that need lit: Birthday candles, large jar candles, lighting the grill anything and everything that needs a lil fire!

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Longer bowl life, 30th Nov 2014

Reviewer: Nicole C

Love this stuff!!! Not only does it taste better than butane, I've noticed it makes my bowls last longer! I wrap mine around my handy toker poker, another tool that is now a necessary one.

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Best way to smoke organically., 12th Jan 2014

Reviewer: Elizabeth B

Bee Line has changed my smoking routine all together. A healthier non-lighter method to avoid inhaling butane from lighters. Slow burning with the perfect amount of flame for your bowl. It burns cleanly with very little to no smell. Since it is all natural, it allows you to taste your herb even more!

the bees knees, 28th Sep 2013

Reviewer: Megan M

nice to have a bowl that actually burns all the way, not leaving a sooty residue in your pipe. once you use hemp wick, it's extremely difficult to enjoy a bowl smoked with a lighter.

MMMM NO BUTANE!!, 5th Feb 2013

Reviewer: Alex P

Bees know what's up! Great fun; just don't eat it!

Saved my throat!, 20th Jan 2013

Reviewer: Shelby P

Absolutely love the hemp wick, great for avoiding a dry throat and all of the additives that are unnecessary; also, no need to breath in butane from the lighters any longer! Will never go back to using harsh lighters again <3

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Try this for the best taste!, 10th Jul 2012

Reviewer: Katie Green

These starter packs are great for a try! And you wont regret it ;)

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Bee Tasty, 25th Feb 2012

Reviewer: Katie Green

This Beeline is one of my new favorite tools to smoke with. I wrap mine around my bic and light it, It keeps burning so you save the use of your lighter. Not only does it taste better than using a butane lighter (because its hemp!) but it burns at a lower temperature than a Butane lighter as well, so its better on your throat and your lungs when you smoke! I also like that when it burns, it pretty much turns straight to ash and there is nothing to clean up. Try it and you will never use your butane lighter for smoking your pipe again!

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