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Dabpads, silicone mats and non-stick trays are essentials to keeping your rig, tools and table clean.  Generally made from medical grade silicone, your concentrates won't stick to them and they are easy to clean.

Dab Tools or Dabbers are used for picking up your concentrates and getting them into your nail.  Some are designed to work specifically with certain nails and some can function as a carb cap to help keep the heat in your nail.  We also have quite a section of heady glass dab sticks.

HealthStones are a safer nail for those that don't want a blazing hot torch to deal with.  They are glass pipes and waterpipe slides that have a replaceable ceramic disc built in.  Check out the HealthStone blog for more information on how they work.

Rig Parts and Reclaim Adapters are sometimes needed to get your favorite nail onto your best pipe.  Drop Downs will help keep heat away from your face and get you some extra clearance on larger rigs.  Adapter kits are a quick and easy way to convert traditional waterpipes into dabbing machines.  Reclaim adapters do this and help keep your pipe clean by catching your oil that didn't get vaporized.

Concentrate storage containers are non-stick, medical grade silicone jars that keep your wax fresh and safe.

Torches are used to heat up your nail to the proper temperature for dabbing.  The clean burning butane torches can also be used to light cigars or to carmelize the sugar on your creme brulee.  Check out our guide to gasses and nails to see what will work best.

Vape accessories can help bring some new life into an older vape pen.  There are replacement coils for popular brands as well as ways to upgrade existing pens.



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