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Glow Pink Contact Lens


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Unleash your wild side with our ClolourVue Crazy Lenses. Not just for Halloween anymore.

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CRAZY COOL, 26th Feb 2017

Reviewer: Natalia H.

I recently got these contacts, i'm not used to wearing them but I was able to leave them in for a good 5 hours and didn't feel any discomfort. I will say I was a bit shocked when I looked in the mirror, they are very vibrant in color and very cat/demon like. I think these would be perfect for a reptilian themed costume or even a wizard (and obviously a cat). Over all I give it a solid 10/10!

so freaking legit!, 29th Jul 2015

Reviewer: Xavier S

These contacts are pretty awesome. I especially like the fact that I wear them with my glasses.

WICKED!, 25th Oct 2013

Reviewer: Ariel H

These contacts were cooler looking then I had even anticipated! Not difficult to get in or out, and better with practice.

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