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Original Cloud V Micro USB Oil Vaping Pen


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The time has come. The SToK pen has replaced the Cloud as our favorite vape pen. ONLY $39.99 while supplies last.

We have the Original Cloud V Vape Pen, the best oil concentrate vaping pen on the market. We tried the crappy pens that came out with the tank and the wick, and we got burnt.

We have seen the Cloud V in action and they work great! Just put your oil in the heat chamber and let the heating wire do the work. Each heating wire element should last a few months, depending on use. We sell a variety of replacement coils and accessories.

With each unit you get an owners manual, plug in battery charger, and the best Oil Vape Pen on the market. We have a wide variety of colors, but they are always changing, be sure to put a color request in the comments box at checkout.

The Original Cloud V comes with a lifetime warranty on the battery.

Customer Reviews

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LOVE LOVE LOVE, 28th May 2014

Reviewer: Kaitlyn O

I love my cloud pen! it is so handy to use on the go, I use it a lot more then I thought that I would. I love that its discreet and fits in my pocket. Its perfect for travel. Also the battery lasts for a long time. I charge mine about every 5 days. The only downside is that the oil can start building up on the sides but the cloud comes with a tool to push your oil back down! I have no complaints about my cloud. Well worth it!

cloud, 7th May 2014

Reviewer: Nikko K

this is the perfect on the go gadget for me. i love the small size and look of it, the vape hits are awesome and taste great.i wouldnt get to exited and fill the atomizer up to much, less is better with this peice for sure. hits are better with less loaded, and the atomizer is easier to maintain by not over loading it.

incognito vaping, 12th Jan 2014

Reviewer: Elizabeth B

Sleek, discreet, quick charging, and easy loading make the Cloud perfect for enjoy on the go or in the comfort of your own home. I was skeptical at first, being so small the cloud produces large white clouds, minimal waste and it will leave you floating. The best vape pen on the market with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Newb approved, 10th Apr 2013

Reviewer: Megan M

Since its still new territory for me, I like being able to control exactly how much I'm taking in and not cough up a lung..err, or at least not EVERY time. Plus it doesn't leave me fumbling with a bunch of pieces.

Neat and Discreet, 2nd Apr 2013

Reviewer: Jeff G

Heard so much about them i had to get one. Super light weight. Thin. Would never know what it was unless you "knew" what it was. About a 2 hour charge time makes it easy to get back up and going. Much easier to use then Dabbs... HIGHLY effective. If you use waxes and extractions, this is a must have!

soaring in the clouds, 2nd Apr 2013

Reviewer: Josh B

I dont know if I would say this is a vape. Burner is more like the term I would use. Let me tell you this thing is no joke for oil extracts on the go or just at home the could can make some serious clouds, love mine and its not expensive :))))))

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