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Smokin Js has what you need! We have been doing this since 1997, and we take great pride in our selection of all the accessories and do-dads to keep your puffin lifestyle smokin. Below you will see our selection of glass sleeves for water pipes, but you have to know what you need. Do you need a glass on glass sleeve, or a standard sleeve that uses a grommet? Maybe you have a standard sleeve currently, but you would like to convert to glass on glass. We have you covered! Each type of sleeve is listed below, and you can even choose the length from the drop down menu on each page. Keep in mind that the glass on glass sleeves are measured from the bottom of the ground joint to the end of the sleeve, and the standard sleeves are measured from the top to the bottom.

We even offer diffused or non diffused water pipe sleeve for the  standard selection . Where else can you get a replacement sleeve for only $5! Just use the drop down menu to select size and diffusion.

Are you looking to convert your standard water pipe sleeve into a glass on glass version? We have two sizes to choose from. The  most popular  will convert standard 9.5mm bowl 12mm sleeve systems. We also see an  oversized version  for people with larger holes and old school 16mm standard sleeves. We know finding and selecting parts for your glass pieces is hard sometimes. Don't ever hesitate to  give us a call or drop us an email  if you need assistance.  

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