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Smokin Js has a great selection of hand blown glass chillums, bats, onEs, concert pipes, or whatever else you want to call them.  True story, a chillum is actually a pipe that has a flat spot and fits between your fingers, typically with the mouth hole exiting on the side, and you smoke with it with both hands closed like hot boxing a cigarette.  What we may lack in traditional chillums, we are the kings of the Glass Blunt!  Glass blunts have been out on the market for a few years, and we sell many different types and styles.  Essentially, the glass blunt is the modern chillum.  It's a straight concert pipe with an adjustable inner tube. You can pack as much herb as you want in the inner tube, and as you smoke you can push it out and dump the ash.  Hand blown glass blunts became popular for day trips and concert events because they aren't as fragile as a rolled blunt and they can hold enough for a day trip eliminating the need for a glass stash jar.
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