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SToK R Series Roil Vape Pen


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SToK is at it again, #ThisThingRips!

The latest concentrate vape pen to come out of the labs at SToK is the R Series Roil. This is the first R Series Vape Pen to use coiless technology.

Each unit has a calibrated low temperature coiless ceramic ring. Without a coil you are sure to vaporize all the concentrate in the vape dish. No more sticky goo being trapped under the coil that goes unvaped!

Each unit comes with a 6500 Mah battery, and extra ceramic coiless chamber, a XXL platinum cured SToK jar, a discreet pen cap, a strainless steel vape tool, and some cleaning wipes.

Everything you need to take vaping to the next level. #ThisThingRips

*Limited 90 day warranty on the battery and USB charger.

Customer Reviews

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Buh bye coils!, 21st Mar 2017

Reviewer: Natalia H.

I have set my lungs free and am now vaping on the smoothest hitting concentrate pen I have ever tried. STOKE PEN FOR THE WIN!

Terps for days, 27th Dec 2016

Reviewer: Brandon

The amount of flavor this thing puts out is unbelievable. No doubt its the best flavor I have ever had from a concentrate pen. I've been using the same coil for 3 months now and haven't noticed a difference in taste or performance. The variable voltage option really pinpoints your preferred drag. The battery capacity it great and it charges fairly quickly. 5 STARS!!

Surprisingly good taste!!, 29th Jun 2016

Reviewer: Xavier S.

I really like this pen. The coils make it taste sooooo good! AND the battery is a variable volts battery. I feel like i put more in my coils than i use to at the same time im not using more than i use to which is a bonus. This pen will last me for a long time!

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