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SToK Small 4 Pack Stackable Non Stick Oil Concentrate Jars


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We have the latest and greatest in oil concentrate storage technology, the SToK SIL non stick stackable jars! Made with food grade silicone that doesn't smell like "goo", the SToK jars come in 4 packs of black, yellow, red, and green. Each pack also comes with a stainless steel dabbing tool. The super neat thing about the SToK SIL jars is that they can be screwed together to make one jar with multiple chambers. Each individual jar is 1.25 x 1". We also carry the Glow in the Dark 3 pack for the same price.

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Stackable, 18th Oct 2015

Reviewer: Amy J

I can have several different kinds of oils, all separate in their own container with no mess - best of all the all stay together, stackables!!

Killer Warrenty, 2nd Aug 2013

Reviewer: Travis S

Stok has become my go to for all my oil needs! It says something when a company will offer a no hassle lifetime warrenty on ALL of there product.

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Simply amazing, 13th Jul 2013

Reviewer: William K

When i went to smokin js and was shown these stok jars i had to get them. If youve ever had concentrates then you know how messy it can get, With these ingenious little jars youll never have a mess to clean up no matter the consistency and losing bits of oil here and there is a thing of a past! You get 4 jars that stack together and it also comes with a sweet metal tool to help. Im so happy with these that im going to try out those Oil Slick mats the next time i make my own concentrate!

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