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The Node Xtract Collector


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Dude, look at that price! Only $69.99 in stock and ready to ship! Spill-proof, portable, and easy to clean!

This pipe is the latest in dabbing technology at a great price.

Fashioned after the ground breaking Nector Collector, this Diffused Aqua Oil Collector Kit is the most efficient way to vaporize your oil and have complete control over the size.

The aqua chamber cools the vapor and provides some of the cleanest, smoothest rips you've ever had.

The Diffused Aqua Oil Collector is pieced together in 3 parts: mouthpiece, water chamber, and tip. It fits together with glass on glass joints. When fully assembled, the unit measures about 13.5". It comes complete in an easy travel box for your convenience.

Kit Includes:
- Glass Mouthpiece
- Water Chamber
- 14mm Quartz Tip Attachment
- 14mm Titanium Tip Attachment
- Glass Oil Dish
- K clip for securing the mouth piece

Dabbing has never been so easy. Heat the tip, dip, sip, enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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Convenient oil saver, 25th Feb 2017

Reviewer: Nicole C.

I love that it works like a straw you can take a little hit or a big hit, depending on how much you suck up. Love that i don't have to deal with the sticky mess anymore. Makes me feel like I'm saving on my oil.

worth every penny, 25th Sep 2016

Reviewer: Brandon J.

picked up one of these about a month back and never looked back. the hits are very controlled and smooth every time. It is the only thing i use for my concentrates anymore. I guarantee you will feel the same the first time you try it.

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