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Spookiest Smoke Spots

  10/24/2016 at 18:14 pm

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It is that time of the year when Boo is the cheer! All Hallows Eve is creeping up on us and we want to see your spookiest smoke spots. Can't think of one? Well here is Smokin Js list of Spookiest Smoke Spots. Prepare to have the smoke scared out of you!

Let’s start our adventure in the far Northeast of the US:  The Screaming Tunnel from New York to Niagara Falls, Canada is legendary for its spookiness.  The urban legend says that a little girl fled her home in New York due to her home being set a flame.  She was badly burned and died in this tunnel.  It is said that if you light a match she will blow it out.  So if you’re going to visit this spooky spot take your Js Vape!


“He who walks behind the Rows” is a line that comes to mind everytime you drive past a field of corn in Autumn.  You guessed it we are moving to the Midwest where the cornfields alone cause shivers to run down your spine during this time of year.  Though there are many places to go for a good scare in the middle of America, Mansfield Ohio is where we are headed next!  Their State Reformatory is considered one of the scariest places to visit.  This Reformatory has been chilling folks to the bone since it was first built in 1898.  Over one hundred years of inhuman acts of violence, pain, fear and death have painted themselves into the interior of this prison.  It is said that the angry ghosts of men will brutally attack visitors, and the ghost of Helen, the warden’s wife, will allow her rose perfume to linger when she is near.  Take your Torcher Glass Shank to protect you from these ghoulish ghosts.

Halloween can bring out the risque side of many, so let’s travel up north to a haunted brothel.  The Red Onion Saloon in Skagway, Alaska is said to be haunted by some of the sexiest and most intimidating ghosts around.  Now a museum, the late Madam of the Red Onion, Diamond Lil, has been known to seductively whisper and caress the patrons.  You can be certain that she is sure to send more than a shiver down your spine!  Beware of the rancorous male entity that is still scaring the pants off the staff.  Just ask them for details!  If you’re lucky you’ll see the solid apparition of the woman in the long dark dress.  Be sure to pass to the left if you see her on the stairs. Keep it classy with a Sweet Tooth glass wooden styled sherlock.


Maybe death’s dress rehearsal is your thing?  If so head on out to the PNW and check out Kells (Haunted) Irish Pub in Seattle Washington.  Yes this great lil pub used to be a mortuary and the stories of the ghouls that hang out around this place are out to shock you.  As many of us know there is nothing like grabbing a brew to quench your cotton mouth after a good sesh during your hunt for the haunted!  Just beware of the falling pictures, mirrors and slamming doors and of course the disfigured ghosts from the era of the plague!  Sounds like these ghosts could use a dab or two from the OG 4.20 SToK Vape Pen to calm their anger.

Maybe you seek something more sinister than ghosts?  Would hunting vampires be up your alley? Then hop on a plane and cross the sea to North London, the home of Highgate Cemetery.  Many famous people have found their final resting place there.  Including the likes of Karl Marx, Charles Dickens and his wife, to name a few.  Alas, this is not the only reason to visit.  The legendary Highgate Vampire has been spotted by many folks looking for a good scare.  He is said to be 7 feet tall, wearing a black cloak and has hypnotizing eyes.  It is said he can not only drastically drop the temperature and break things, but he is also capable of mutilation and harm to the people seeking him.  Sounds like scary smoke spot hunters will need their own protective cloak to hunt on these grounds.
Wherever your favorite haunted smoke spot may be; we want to see it! Snap that pic, use the #JsSmokeSpot!  You will be entered to win a hauntingly good prize!  Check out JsSmokeSpot.com for more information on how to enter to win!

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