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14mm Wig Wag Pinch Slide


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Wonderful and Colorful ... these 14mm glass on glass water pipe bowls will liven up any water pipe.

Each one comes with a handle. A perfect bowl and perfect hole every time. These are hand blown so each one is unique. Each one comes with a glass pinch inside the bowl. No more lost herb into the water, these bowls will hold your herb until it's burnt.

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Customer Reviews

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The Buzzard Bowl, 26th Aug 2018

Reviewer: Aaron J.

This piece turned my bong into a buzzard. Now that I've seen it I can't unsee it... but it smokes great, has the built in screen with the pinch, and is a breeze to clean.

A heavy pinch bowl with a hook, 10th Jul 2016

Reviewer: Xavier S.

This is what i look for in pinchers! It's a really big bowl piece, the glass around the bowl is super thick for a pincher bowl which is a plus. I'm glad they made a long hook on the side so i won't feel the burn from the bowl itself. and my bowl never gets clogged. Triple perfection!!!

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