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JM Flow

18" Tall Thick In-Line 24 Sprinkler Perc Water Pipe


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JM Flow Sci Glass has created a monster! It's called The Sprinkler. This 18" tall hand blown glass water pipe is an amazing creation with true innovation, classy style, impeccable quality, and affordable value. And it's built like a tank!

The new Sprinkler Perc! This model has a long inline barrel percolator with too many cuts to count that is followed by an 24 sprinkler percolator. The first of its kind, the JM Flow sprinkler forces the water up through 24 glass sprinkler heads from the bottom inline water chamber creating great filtration and an amazing smoking experience.

This bad boy is not for the weak. this heady piece is built like a tank with thick tubing and masterful welds. It uses the large 19mm glass on glass bowl connection.

One of the best values in our inventory. Made in America, JM Flow rocks!

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one hitter quitter, 26th Mar 2015

Reviewer: Nikko K

perfect for a vet with iron lungs, she pulls hard and releases ultra smooth. i love the design of the inline perc and the sprinkler looks amazing. love this one for sure

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