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Smokin Js Art Show Vancouver

  02/28/2017 at 16:20 pm

On Friday February 24th, the Vancouver Smokin Js location hosted its first art show! The art show featured five artists and one musician. The art show was coordinated by Smokin Js own resident artist, Aaron aka Sherpa NW.

The event was a fantastic success. All involved had a great time with fellow community members celebrating individual thought and culture. Over 100 people visited the art show to view and support the artists.

Moonshiners Hat provided some live music for the night with folksy jams. Artists on display included SnakeyJakie, RPTL (pronounced reptile), Cade Mayberry, and Ezra Stanfield. Each artist brought a unique style to the walls of Smokin Js. As a special surprise, Doug Paresa showed up to present some photography that he had done as well as play some bass tunes after Moonshiner Hat. I would like to thank all the artists that presented their creations for the show, with a special shout out to Sherpa NW for organizing the event and bringing all these wonderful people together.

Smokin Js takes pride in being a part of the Vancouver community. Since 1997 we have participated in the alternative cultural scene, and in our 20th year in Vancouver, we are so excited to start a recurring event like this.

The two artists that stood out on Friday were SnakeyJakie and Ezra Stanfield. SnakeyJakie is a known artist in the skateboarding community. His best work featured a blob like character he called “shit head.” His painting were vibrant, interesting, and unique. Ezra Stanfield blew everyone away with his illustrations on paper. He revealed an interesting fact about his color mix: He uses Gatorade as a color base!

The next Smokin Js Vancouver Art Show will be held on Friday April 14th. Once again, we will celebrate local art with food, fun, and good times.

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