Vancouver Art Show #3 - Smokin Js Pipes and Fashion

Vancouver Art Show #3

  07/11/2017 at 00:00 am

We were really able to out due ourselves with the June 30th artshow. With 8 artist and a reappearance of our fantastic musical guests Meat Creature, it was definitely a night to remember.


Id like to take a special moment to thank everyone who came out to the show ,and individually list out or line-up of fantastic artists from the night.

- Erin Baker

- Lyric Indino

- Aspirehappy (Jaina)

- Tye Halone

- Indii Design

- Jake Bell

- Jafe

- Hagerd

You all are the reason we are able to keep doing these art shows. Vancouver doesnt have a very well connected art community but it is happening now because of these shows. You all are helping build the Vancouver Washington art scene. So with all my heart, thank you.


This time around we did a surprise rotation of artist with a mixed bag of styles of media. With artists like Jafe and Hagerd being out resident Graf style specialists to Indii who made immense pieces with some having over 70 hours of detail worked into a piece smaller than the size of printer paper. Erin and Lyric really stood out by using your common canvas style paintings but throwing a twist on them. Lyric who has a reoccurring theme of rorschach test like imagery and using resin to create honeycomb effects in parts of her work. Erins work introduces crystals and other items attached to her painting that gave off an almost 3d like feel to them. As if they were reaching out to you. Jake has had some time in the artist community by making clothes and prints that he sells. You can see the Pacific North West vibe and smoking culture in his work and it felt right at home on our walls. Tye and Jaina are new cats to the artist scene but looking at their work you would expect the opposite. Jaina's use of watercolor and mixed media melded so well with flow that you have to second guess yourself that she was not just using paint but also pens, markers, newspaper and other sorts of media. Tye whose work takes you to a time of mystery and fantasy. At times looking at his work it made me reminisce on a fantasy psychedelia land that i had never visited but felt like i did in spirit. Every artist brought something new and unique to the table to make a melting pot of styles.


For the giveaway item we had Erin Baker donate a realist hand/foot drawing. Hagerd gave away a custom hand painted shirt. Myself (Sherpa) donated at small canvas experimenting with the theme of Insomnia.

If you would like to see the videos of the drawing go to @Sherpa

By PNWSherpa
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