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18mm Female Titanium Domeless Side Arm Banger Nail


Life is better domeless ;)

This medical grade titanium domeless banger nail will fit on a 18mm male ground joint. The side arm design keeps the heat away from your precious piece, and it helps keep the oil out of your oil rig for easy cleaning.

This is the 18mm female titanium domeless side arm nail. It has the banger bucket style domeless design.

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Best Back up for taste, 29th Jun 2016

Reviewer: Xavier S.

Im glad i got this. I still get good taste with the banger because i just heat the nail from the bottom so im not getting any butane/ propane taste added to my dab sesh. Also, it unscrews between the fitting on the piece ant the nail so its easier to clean and get my reclaim. Im glad i got this especially since i break quartz a little to easily lol.

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