Grand Rapids First Friday July 2017 - Smokin Js Pipes and Fashion

Grand Rapids First Friday July 2017

  07/11/2017 at 19:30 pm

Each month the Grand Rapids location hosts a featured artist to show their art for the Avenue Of The Arts’ First Friday event.  We are extremely happy to be a part of the local art community and to be able to show off some glass art while experiencing many different forms for ourselves.  The Avenue of the Arts has been running the First Friday program as a way to bring the community together and to show off the amazing talent on Division Ave in Grand Rapids.  The gallery hop runs from 6 to 9 on the first Friday of every month but the artist keeps their art on the wall for the rest of the month to help get some recognition from the local community. The featured artist for July was Robin Streeter.

About the Artist:

Robin Streeter is a Grand Rapids native that has only recently taken up painting as a form of therapy.  Having no previous experience in the arts she developed her own style of painting and uses spoons to lay her paint on the canvas.  This creates a unique textured art that you just can't find in any other style.  She has been featured in many of the venues in downtown Grand Rapids and is excited to get to display in Smokin Js again.  She will have an entry in the shop for Art Prize this year which is coming up in late September.


You can learn more about her from her Waiting On Division episode or get friendly with her on Facebook.

By Keesy
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