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Vancouver Smokin Js Halloween ArtShow

  11/05/2017 at 17:56 pm

October 27th marked the 5th art show Smokin Js has hosted this year. Not only that but with Halloween right around the corner we were able to challenge artist to step out of their comfort zones and create one of the scariest pieces they have ever made. The wonderful cast of artists had many interpretations of this.

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Costumes were welcomed with just as many creative costumes as the paintings. At one point a table with tarot readings was set up conducted by the wonderful D. Candelaria. We had food, music great company and wonderful art. The energy in the air was amazing during the show.

Smokin Js even handed out free goodie bags with every purchase that contained a bunch of free Smokin Js swag.

The artists that contributed to the show being.


- Sherpa Instagram

- Grunts Fadora Instagram

- Lunaluhx Instagram

- Satans Spawn Instagram

- Eillegal Rose Instagram

- Jake Bell Instagram

- Dimitria Candelaria



Thank you to everyone that showed up to the show as well as all the artists that presented. We are actively building Vancouver's alternative art scene.

Stay tuned for more info on the next show. We will probably be looking at next year as to not coincide with anyone's holiday season time.


-Aaron "Sherpa" Pacora

By Aaron "Sherpa" Pacora
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