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250mg CBD Turmeric Gold Elixir


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Tumeric Gold Elixir - 250mg

The highest quality CBD you can buy. Please read further.

This is an amazing combination of fresh grown certified organic Maui Red Turmeric root, juiced and mixed with fresh Maui Hemp CBD oil at a strength of 250 mg. This product makes you feel good inside and the taste is yummy. A small amount of Certified Organic Ocean vodka and Maui Macnut Honey is added to preserve this Medicine. Very effective for inflammation and skin disorders. In clinical trials it’s been shown to be effective for stomach cancers, colitis, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s disease, flatulence, Crohn disease, hepatitis, and increases wound healing. Dosage level 1-3 droppers full every 8 hours as needed. Ingredients- fresh turmeric root, macnut honey, organic vodka, Hemp CBD oil.

Dosage suggestion - 1 dropper full as needed. 30mg Gotu kola plus 15mg CBD per dropper ingredients - organic Gotu Kola, Maui CBD oil, MCT from organic coconuts.

Maui CBD/Maui Superherbs is a local Maui grown and produced Hemp CBD product that is infused with Polynesian herbal wisdom with cannabinoid therapy. All of our oils are full spectrum which means there are over 60 kinds of cannabinoids in our oil creating the entourage effect. This allows the CBD to be absorbed and interpreted so it can be applied to the area of your body that needs it. Quality is unmatched in the current marketplace, and this sets a new standard far exceeding certified organic or any other certification on the market.

Beyond Organic:
Here at Maui CBD we utilize the superior knowledge of the ancient hawaiians to grow pure organic food and medicines in a sacred way as the hawaiians did generations ago.

Earth is our mother and she has all we need to be healthy and happy. We believe that in order to create a plant medicine that has mana, the beings who care for the plants must be devoted to their well being, and love them as their own family. This infuses the spirit of aloha into our healing elixirs. We are dedicated to bringing the spirit of Maui, Hawaii to your home in every bottle or jar of Maui CBD you purchase. This is the real thing. Pure mana .. pure aloha .. pure Maui.

All our bottles are put into a dark violet glass called miron glass which will protect the herbal life force of our oils from being broken down by light. Each bottle comes with a tamper proof seal for your protection and assurance. Each bottle has a 2 year recommended shelf life and has an expiration date on the side of the product so you always know you are getting a fresh high grade product.

We follow the CGMP practices set forth by the FDA, and prepare our formulas in a certified kitchen.

We believe we were guided to this magic mountain Haleakala on Isle of Maui. There are cracks in the earth here where high vibrational energy pours out onto the lands and seas, helping to bring all beings to the awareness of their infinitely magical consciousness. These islands used to all be linked together into one continent called Lemuria! So much ancient wisdom here! We created Maui CBD to help the beings of Earth to be fully empowered activating their illuminated light body (endo cannabinoid system) that the sacred cannabis plant can help with.

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