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3 Inch Diffused Water Pipe Sleeve


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3" long

Hand blown glass on glass diffused sleeve. 14/19mm means its a 19mm sleeve that fits a 14mm glass on glass slide. We measure from the bottom of the 19mm ground joint to the end.

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Stronk stem, 26th Sep 2016

Reviewer: Aaron P.

Good quality stem, mine is uniform as hell not any imperfections from what my eye can see. This little piece upgraded the hell out of my bong. I feel like i get at least 3x more diffusion than i did.

Always go with diffusion!, 12th Apr 2013

Reviewer: Nicole B

I love having the glass on glass, diffused stem in my water pipe. It makes the smoke so much smoother and I can take bigger draws without caughing up a lung!

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