4" Long Full Color Honeycomb Glass Screen Chillum Pipe - Smokin Js

4" Long Full Color Honeycomb Glass Screen Chillum Pipe


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Each piece is unique with the current lot enveloped in sparkle color with inside out 3-d texture. These chillums with the honeycomb glass screen built in are HIGH quality, built to last, and functionally superior to any hand blown glass chillum on the market.

Give us a call or email to see pictures of the current stock. We have a wide range of colors and patterns available, but they are going fast.

Customer Reviews

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Chunky Traveler, 23rd Feb 2015

Reviewer: Ariel H

I have always loved the glass art that is put into these chillums, and recently I bought one when I found a color combo at SmokinJs that screamed out at me. Not only is this worth the money just to stare at, but I've never had a better functioning sneak-a-toke. The built in screen allows for great air flow so you don't get the 'funnel effect' and have to push the sides in. Plus no ash in the mouth! Thumbs up-Lighters up ;)

Gimme gimme,,, 29th Oct 2013

Reviewer: Nicole B

I was droooooling over these chillums when I first saw them at Smokin J's. The glass is super thick, the honeycomb screen built in is flawless and the art work is beautifully done. I've had the opportunity to smoke out of two of them now and they function fantastically. Super smooth, cool draws with great air flow and zero ash in the mouth. These are badass!!!

Ultimate flow, 22nd Oct 2013

Reviewer: Josh B

So I am the proud owner of one of these amazing creations. I have owned more then a few chillums in my life and this one is hands down the best one ever. the honeycomb screen makes for supreme air flow and no scooby snacks. The bowl is nice and deep which makes good for a little bit of stuff or a lot :))))) worth it !!!!!!!!!!!

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