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4mm Quartz Banger 10mm Male


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100% pure quartz. Other guys charge more for a quartz borosilicate hybrid that is cheap and won't stand up to the heat!

Our new Smokin Js pure quartz bangers have clear joints! We listen to your feedback. The sand blasted ground joints can get stuck in your rig without consistent cleaning. Our new clear jointed pure quartz bangers will slide in and out of your oil rig without the risk of getting stuck.

All ground joint sizes available from 10mm male to 18mm female. Just use the drop down menu to select the size you need.

Not sure about what size you need. We created a simple "sizing" blog to help you figure out what size you need.

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durable and functional, 22nd Jun 2017

Reviewer: Brandon J

These bangers definitely sit at least 4mm thick, takes a little longer to heat up then your standard banger but that also means it will retain heat longer. Perfect for the flavor chasers like me that love low temp dabbing.

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