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6" Hard Shell Pipe Case


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6" Capsule Pipe Case with Zipper Closure. Comes with blet loop clip.

The original pipe case made by Vatra. These great pipe cases have a hard shell with padding on the inside for maximum protection.

We have a ton of colors and designs in stock. Please make your color request in the comments box at checkout.

All Smokin Js pipe pouches and cases are 20% off online from store prices:)

Customer Reviews

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It's a survivor, 20th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Aleksandr

I kept my case for a few years and it served me wonders while it lasted. I walk alot, so the clip the case come with makes it easy to travel.

This case is god-like, 27th Dec 2016

Reviewer: Brandon

I was floating the river with some friends this summer when i flipped my tube and this case with my piece in it goes flying a few feet into a group of large rocks. Eventually the current pulled it back into the water and when I caught up with it I found that my piece was still intact and even my lighter was dry enough to work. I think it definitely did what it was supposed to.

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