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X-Man Reclaim Dab Rig

  11/08/2016 at 17:23 pm


X-Man, Smokin Js lead water pipe technician, has come up with an elite dab rig. Through tireless hours of research and testing, X-Man came up with a combination of products that together create what he dubbed the “diffused dab wonder bowl.” His little combination creates an amazing rig with one of the least expensive water pipes at Smokin Js.

First, let’s start out with the base water pipe: A Glass Labs Double Honeycomb Bent Neck Water Pipe. Only $139.99 at Smokin Js, this herb crusher comes with two honeycomb disc diffusers. The pipe comes with an extra long natural perc down tube to create the best water level for the double honeycomb discs. It’s topped off with a 19mm female ground joint. This long natural perc downtube is key to the discovery by X-Man.

X-Man took one of the Smokin Js 3.5” diffused sleeves and turned the natural perc into an actual diffused water chamber. This adds a whole new level of diffusion to the water pipe, but it also acts as a reclaim machine for your new dab rig. Notes from the lab report that “you must turn the diffusion slits in the sleeve away from the the body of the piece so you’ll get more diffusion for a smoother hit.”

But it’s not the diffusion that makes this creation so genius. By placing the sleeve into the natural perc chamber of the water pipe, it allows the reclaim to sit inside the sleeve rather than getting lost into the water chambers of the pipe. The sleeve can be removed for easy reclaim of oils.

We create a special image or box right here (maybe a picture of Xavier in a lab coat): Dab Doctor X-Man recommends taping the bottom of the sleeve to better ensure the reclaim stays trapped in the sleeve.

This whole creative creation is topped off by a Smokin Js 4mm thick quartz banger. The 14mm male banger fits perfectly with the sleeve and pipe combination, and turns this simple combo into a dabtastic dabbing debutante.

Act right now and get this custom rig for only $143.98 with free shipping! The total package comes with the Glass Labs 303 Double Honeycomb Water Pipe, Diffused Glass on Glass Sleeve, 4mm Thick Quartz Banger, and 19mm Herb Bowl. All of this with free shipping.

Buy a dab rig tested and certified by the Smokin Js dab lab today.

Glass Labs 303 Double Honeycomb $139.99
Diffused 3.5” Sleeve $14.99
4mm Thick 14mm Male Quartz Banger $24.99
Total Package $179.97
Discount 20% with Free Shipping! ONLY $143.98

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