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Accordian Bukket Gravity Pipe


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The more things change, the more they stay the same. Smokers have been building this gravity pipe for years, Bukket just perfected the method out of modern materials. This is the best accordian gravity pipe on the planet!

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Really takes me back!, 25th Jul 2017

Reviewer: Brandon J

Back in the day I would tear the house apart looking for items to basically fashion one of these on my own. Never again will I burn up another socket wrench piece to make one of these. Perfect for that person like me looking for some feelings of nostalgia.

This $h*t hits hardl, 21st Jan 2016

Reviewer: Xavier

I freaking love this thing. Not even using much product and I'm couch locked in an instant! hits loke a champ!!

So much fun., 30th Dec 2012

Reviewer: Jerry M

This piece is so much fun and no bathtub required. It's not something I will use everyday but it is a must have for game night.

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Power hitting fun for everyone!!!!!, 30th Jun 2012

Reviewer: Megan Mccormack

Finally! I can still take gravity hits without the water, bucket, and plastic bottle shenanigans and I can take it anywhere. I love the reactions I get when I whip this baby out.

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