Aqua Trap 14mm Blue 45 Deg - Smokin Js Pipes and Fashion

Aqua Trap 14mm Blue 45 Deg


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14mm Male Connection
Blue Color Perc
45 Degree Angle

Yah buddy! Only $49.99 for this combination honeycomb to turbine add-a-perc. Amazing deal.

The add-a-perc will add a cooling filtration machine to your water pipe. The more filtration the better the smoke. This add-a-perc has a turbine perc on top of the honeycomb that creates a cool tornado swirling effect inside the piece.

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Great attachment, 24th Oct 2017

Reviewer: Luna L

This perc not only makes my waterpipe hit so much smoother, but it also keeps my piece a lot cleaner. I dont ever sesh without this guy on my piece anymore.

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