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Big F'n Pipe


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It's huge. It's ceramic. It's the Big F'n Pipe!

This is the real deal. Forget the gold papers. Break out the Big F'n Pipe for your next celebration.

Almost a foot and a half long. Almost a foot wide. This Big F'n Pipe might be a novelty, but its functional also.

Yup, it has all the functional holes of a pipe. You can actually smoke out of it.

Plus, it has a sweet hemp leaf burnt into each one.

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Giant but functional, 25th Mar 2018

Reviewer: Brandon J

Was going on a camping trip with a rather large group of people and I saw this and just had to get it. I thought it would spark up some great conversation and I could fit about and 1/8 of my favorite herbs in this and its hit amazingly. Bringing this with me to pretty much any outdoor event I go to now.

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