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Bolt Pro 2


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Dabado Portable Electronic Dab Rig

The Bolt Pro 2 is the latest and greatest unit for taking your concentrates on-the-go. Compact and travel ready in a sturdy and safe Pelican Case, you can take your rig wherever you want to go. With the spill-proof glass bubbler attachment, you can expect amazing cloud production cooled, down and super smooth for maximum enjoyment!

Temper controled. Whether you prefer giant clouds with higher temps, or to savor the flavor with lower temps, you can easily select your prefered temperature, displayed by the LED screen on your Bolt Pro 2. With replaceable 18650 Battery, you will never run out of power and always be ready to vape.

Kit Includes: Bolt Pro 2, Customized Pelican Case, Additional Heating Rod, Spill-proof Glass Attachment, Quartz Nail, Titanium Nail, and Ceramic Nail! In addition to all the necessities: USB Charger, Magnetic Dab Tool, Silicon Protector, Silicon Container, Magnetic Stand, and even includes 18650 Battery.

Pick up your complete unit and head out to your favorite smoke spot. Now you can bring your rig with you wherever your travels take you!

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Rig in the palm of your hand, 19th Jul 2018

Reviewer: Brandon

Very convenient portable dabber. Some concentrate devices just cant offer that rig style hit like you want. This thing will hit just as good as any torch and nail set up you have ever used. The pelican case it came with is nice and compact and gets vacuum seal tight.

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