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The amazing and innovative Health Stone products are available at Smokin Js! Health Stones are a way to bring back smoking a bowl to vaping your concentrates, providing you with one of the cleanest vaping experiences with the optimal flavor.

The Health Stone pipes and Bowl Attachments all use a 100% inert ceramic stone, meaning they produce absolutely no smoke or vapors of any kind. The concentrates absorb into the Health Stone Vapor Stone and vaporize out of the Vapor Stone as soon as sufficient heat is applied.

Say goodbye to your big, expensive torches. With the Health Stone pipes and Bowl Attachments, all you need is a simple hand held triple flame torch to provide enough heat to vaporize your material. Simply load your favorite concentrate evenly onto the Vapor Stone and hold the lighter just close enough to melt your concentrates into the stone and the vapor into your lungs.

The Health Stone pipes are great for portable dabbing pipes, allowing for easy use almost anywhere. We have standard hand vapes, as well as the Inner Cooler Hand Vape and Double Donut Sherlock for that extra smooth draw. You can also get one of the bowl attachments to fit right onto your glass on glass waterpipe.

The Health Stone Vapor Stone average life span is 6 months, but of course depends on you and how often you use it. The Vapor Stone can be cleaned by soaking it in alcohol and then letting it completely air dry before putting it back into the pipe. Once your Vapor Stone is cashed out, you can get a  Replacement Stone  for only $29.99.

We recommend using the  Eternity Triple Flame Torch Lighter  with your Health Stone for best results.

Health Stone products have become a with health conscious smokers and dabbing enthusiasts alike!

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