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Smokin Js has you covered on all of your dabbing desires and necessities, so you can keep calm and dab on! Dabbing accessories have evolved from a standard nail and dome set up to extravagant build-a-bong style rigs in some cases. Whether you're looking to deck out your piece, solve a current problem with your set up, or you're trying to simply make that titanium nail you bought to fit your old rig compatible with your new one, we have the equipment you need to get back in working order.

We offer a wide variety of adaptor and connector pieces, in all imaginable angles, sizes, and combinations thereof. You can change the ground joint of your piece from female to male, 14mm to 18mm, or creaat some space between your glass and your flame with one simple piece. Wa-lah!

We also carry a large assortment of Glass Drop Downs and Reclaims. Both of these attachments will save your valuable glass from the constant, high heat from your torch while also catching goop, keeping your rig nice and clean. These are also great to have if you are a recylcer of sorts. Re-use what you didn't smoke the first time; no concentrate left behind.

If you are one of those people that have been satisfied with the standard nail and dome set up, and are looking to replace your dome, check out the  Grav Lab Angle Cut Domes  for ease of use, or the  Sweet Tooth Eyeball Domes  if you want something a little more attention grabbing.

We even have  Grav Lab J-Handles  for those who want to "create your own" concentrite pipe or rig. It's a sherlock shaped attachment available in 14mm or 18mm glass joints. Throw a  Healthstone  or a nail in there for a concentrate pipe. Some people have even created their own bubblers by attaching one of our  Add A Percs  into the mix. Let your imagination run wild.

Here at Smokin Js we want you to have the best vaping experience the industry has to offer, and we try to accomadate your every smoking need. We know it can get confusing sometimes, but we are here to help. Please  contact us  if you have any questions, and check back often as we are always getting new items.

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Universal Quartz Castle Kit
Chris Schuler Quartz Castle
Universal Quartz Castle Kit

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