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Cross Pod to Double Cross InLine Diffused Water Pipe


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JM Flow scientific glass blowers have created a new company with definate style and innovation. This hand blown glass water pipe has two water chambers with what JM calls a cross cut perc. The direct inline chamber goes into one cross cut pod perc, and that follows into a double pod cross cut perc. To top it off JM Flow added a disc splash guard that can also work as an ice catcher. 19mm glass on glass bowl connection.

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Bubble Heaven, 17th Mar 2015

Reviewer: Ariel H

The percs! The percs!!! I love this water pipe! It gives the perfect balance of heavy diffusion with hardly any restriction on the pull. I like their splash guard/ice catch too, i haven't seen that style before, but I dig it! The overall smoking capability on this piece gets a 10 from me!

game changer!, 11th Sep 2014

Reviewer: Mike T

oh wow! i switched to dabs to help my coughing. then i bought this and i couldn't even feel my biggest dabs goin down! so i hooked a bowl up to it, and wah lah! smooth all day everyday. thanx jm, you changed MY game! and it displaces the water from bottom to top and then sifts itself back down, so it's litterally recycling too. F*@#'n tipped it over on my floor with in hours of buying with the herb bowl attached. no worries, nothing happened. love tuff sci glass.. good sticker realestate too

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