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Day of the Dead Fleece Throw


Size: 50" x 60"

Made with 100% Polyester
Machine Washable

Great fleece blanket for anyoccasion. Why do they call it a throw? Because you can throw it on a couch, on the floor, on a beach, or anywhere. These fleece throws work well in any environment.

These fleece blankets are so warm and cuddly. You can use it as a bed spread, a couch cover, or even take it to the beach or park for a picnic.

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Thick fabrics = Warmth, 23rd Oct 2016

Reviewer: Xavier S

I absolutely love the look of this beautiful blanket. Plus it keeps heat super well and doesn't lose its color after its been washed a few times as well. What really stick out from this blankets than most is that the threads are more bulky than they are loose fabrics.

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