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Dichro Strip Chucker Pipe


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3" Long
Inside Out fume
Dichroic Glass Strip

Perfect bowl perfect hole everytime at Smokin Js. This little thick hand pipe has style and flare in an inexpensive package.

3" long is the right size for the on-the-go lifestyle. Each one has a dichroic glass strip stretching from head to mouth.

What really sets this little piece of glass perfection appart is the silver inside out ghost fume with clear line work. This little chucker is going to turn great colors and it will give a three dimensional change as well from the inside out clear line work.

For years we watched as more and more retail stores sold Chinese made glass and claimed it as American made. This dirty game leaves consumers unsure as to what is made by a local glass blower and what is imported.

We at Smokin Js have always operated by listening to our customers and selling what they want. The requests for more affordable glass were to strong to resist any longer. But we want to sell the imported glass with responsibility and clarity.

We stand behind the modest selection of imported glass that we sell. We only pick high quality glass without defects to sell to you.

Of course we encourage you to purchase one of the hundreds of glass pieces made by local American glass blowers available at Smokin Js. Purchasing American made glass helps everyone in our community.

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very thick, 25th Nov 2017

Reviewer: Brandon J

Sweet dichro spoon. I don't think I have ever seen a piece with dichro anywhere close to this price. Crazy thick spoon, has a great pull and a good size bowl. This is now my daily traveler and I couldn't be happier.

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