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Elements 79mm Rolling Machine


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Great hand rolling machines with the Elements brand name. This model is 79mm and fits 1 1/4 rolling papers

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so convenient!, 25th Oct 2016

Reviewer: Brandon J.

this thing makes rolling overly simplistic. Rolling by hand is a harder technique to grow accustomed to. This device not only rolls for you but can give you an idea for the general concept of how to roll by hand. It was very cool to realize it came with an extra mat as well.

Amazing, 11th Nov 2014

Reviewer: Brian K

This is a great roller and fits nearly every paper I've ever put in it. It comes with a second canvas, which is ridiculous.

one J at a time, 28th Dec 2013

Reviewer: Megan M

30 seconds for a perfectly rolled J. I don't know what I would do without my roller. For some reason, I have a seriously difficult time rolling with papers. The amount of time spent for the crappy final production just isn't worth it.

two4one, 2nd Apr 2012

Reviewer: Kat Montpart

this is a steal, i love that i can use two different sizes with this roller also if i get a tare in one of the rollers or its too dirt the element brand has two of the rolling pads in them. and there very easy to replace.

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