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Smokin Js has a t-shirt that is just right for you. We have funny t-shirts, marijuana parody t-shirts, and cannabis strains t-shirts. For 17 years we have carried our parody funny t-shirts for only $7.99. In Washington State we are known for our selection of these inexpensive funny t-shirts. We have never raised the price after all these years and we have no plan to do so. $7.99 for a HIGH quality funny t-shirt is a great deal. T-shirt titles like Oregon GrownRoute 420Toky the Bear, HandicappedJust Do MeHome Honey I'm High, and Do Not Disturb are unique prints that any counter culture individual would appreciate. But wait! There's more. We are always adding new t-shirts to our line-up. The latest great marijuana inspired parody t-shirts are for the dab enthusiast. Dabs for Dummies is a t-shirt that parodies cliff notes, and Keep Calm and Dab on is our take on the reborn Keep Calm British slogan. These t-shirts are dabtastic! We also have a great selection of cannabis strain inspired t-shirts. Titles like King Kushberry, Sensistar, Mowie Wowie, and OG Kush are some of the popular strains logos. Something for everyone, Smokin Js t-shirts have a style and price point for everyone. Enjoy.

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