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Scott Sherrell

Fumed and Color Raked SideCar Glass Bubbler


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The best fume and outside rake glass blower in the business! Each piece is unique with great color changing properties. You will only find these perfect pieces at Smokin Js, perfect hole, perfect bowl every time. This hand blown glass bubbler is 6" long. Scott Sherrell is our featured blower of the month. Check out our blog to learn more about him.

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No backsplash, 5th Feb 2016

Reviewer: Aaron

No matter how hard i pull on this this pipe i cant get water in my mouth. Best bub ive ever owned. I can take huge rips, small rips, whatever my hearts desire and it provides an amazing smoke no matter the type of smoking mood im in.

keep that smile, 13th May 2012

Reviewer: Mike Teeling

for the price especially,these are unbeatable.they look as great as they smoke, mine never plugs, and if i keep the water fresh, the piece can be dirty as hell and still taste fresh

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