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Glass Blunt Bubbler


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Only 3" tall, this little bubbler will transform your blunt game. Built into the hand rolled blunt holder is a downstem channel turning this little nifty holder into a water pipe bubbler.

Each one has a thick pedestal stand and mouth piece. It even has a built in carb on top for ease of use.

Whether you roll cones, blunts, or cigs, the glass blunt bubbler will cool your smoke and make your rolling lifestyle more enjoyable.

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Got blunt?, 20th Apr 2018

Reviewer: Aleksandr G

No more resin on my mouth when I use this. You can set your joints down without having to use an ash try. Very convenient. It's there anytime we smoke.

New best friend :), 22nd Sep 2017

Reviewer: Nicole C

This thing is great. Instead of taking apart your roach and getting it into your water pipe just stick it right into the little cone end and your ready to go. Absolutly love it!

A New Dimension to Joints!!!, 23rd Aug 2017

Reviewer: Dave R

Normally when my friends and I indulge our selves to a joint, the last inch or so is very full of resin and isn't very enjoyable anymore. But one day when the Blunt Bubbler was brought to the table, all my pals enjoyed every last bit of our J!
We can't wait to try this piece with a good old blunt.

Cool little gadget, 22nd Aug 2017

Reviewer: Brandon J

If you're a consistent joint or blunt smoker this will come in handy quite a bit like it has for me. I mainly use it when the joint gets to small to hold with in your hand but I have stuck an entire cone in here and it smoked down nice and smooth. I like how the down stem goes with the curvature of the water reservoir, it just makes it seems less accident prone.

A must have!, 16th Aug 2017

Reviewer: Brandon J

This thing is great, works amazing with roaches or entire blunts or joints. 1 1/4 cones fit and hit perfectly. Base is nice and thick to so you can set it up on a table to use it without having to worry about it falling over.

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