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Honeycomb Hand Blown Glass Screen 2 Pack


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Don't let ash mouth happen to you!

Honeycomb glass screens, 2 pack. Use these to keep the scoobie snacks out of your mouth and throat. The reflective glass also helps burn your bowl more thoroughly.

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Leaving the ashes in the PAST!, 11th May 2018

Reviewer: Jon T

Quick and easy fix to my problem!!! Taste better than the common metal screens I see on the market as well!

No more ash!, 6th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Aleksandr G

I wasnt really sure how glass would do as a screen at first. But im glad i got it! Taste way better than stainless steel or brass.

Love 'em!, 23rd Sep 2012

Reviewer: Nicole Buel

I was a bit hesitant to buy these at first, but they're so perfect! All of my glass bowls have 'em now. They make a huge difference in my smoking experience.

See ya!, 30th Mar 2012

Reviewer: Lucille Emter

Goodbye HUGE gaping hole in the bottom of my bowl piece! These guys are awesome!

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