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Honeycomb Hand Blown Glass Screen 2 Pack


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Don't let ash mouth happen to you!

Honeycomb glass screens, 2 pack. Use these to keep the scoobie snacks out of your mouth and throat. The reflective glass also helps burn your bowl more thoroughly.

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BEST FILTRATION out there, 4th Sep 2018

Reviewer: Cary S.

Best screen type media available ! Won't burn or disintegrate . Or get lost like the jack rocks .

I Really Like These Best, 25th Aug 2018

Reviewer: Annicka M.

These are my favourite shape and material for screens. Sit well in the bowl. A pin easily pokes through the holes.

no more stainless steel!, 20th Aug 2018

Reviewer: Brandon J.

Ive been using stainless steel screens for years before I found out about these glass screens. Much better flavor then standard brass or stainless screens and seem to last more then twice as long as well,

Leaving the ashes in the PAST!, 11th May 2018

Reviewer: Jon T

Quick and easy fix to my problem!!! Taste better than the common metal screens I see on the market as well!

No more ash!, 6th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Aleksandr G

I wasnt really sure how glass would do as a screen at first. But im glad i got it! Taste way better than stainless steel or brass.

Love 'em!, 23rd Sep 2012

Reviewer: Nicole Buel

I was a bit hesitant to buy these at first, but they're so perfect! All of my glass bowls have 'em now. They make a huge difference in my smoking experience.

See ya!, 30th Mar 2012

Reviewer: Lucille Emter

Goodbye HUGE gaping hole in the bottom of my bowl piece! These guys are awesome!

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