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I-Tal Hempwick 16.5ft Pack


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16.5 foot hempwick pack.
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What is I-Tal Hempwick? Hempwick is hemp twine saturated in beeswax. With hempwick you can take the butane lighter out of the smoking process. Hempwick contains no butane flavors or toxic sulfers. Hempwick makes the smoking experience healthier and improves taste. The all natural bees wax creates the fuel to keep your wick burning with a strong flame. Perfect for windy conditions. Perfect for hand pipes and water pipes. I-Tal hempwick will improve your smoking experience.

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Free sample led to the 100ft spool, 26th Aug 2018

Reviewer: Aaron J.

I'd received a free sample of this hemp wick with my toker poker and enjoyed the smoke I got from it to the point I waltzed back in a week later and picked up the 100ft ball o' hemp wick. It serves me and my lungs well.

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