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Inside Out Frit Hand Pipe


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Made fresh in Washington State! This 4" long inside out frit hand blown glass pipe is thick!

Each one comes with custom bead work including a special Paw Print to denote the fine craftsmanship by Budd Bay Glass.

Smokin Js has a variety of colors available. Each one is unique. Make your color request in the comment box at checkout.

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Such Fire!, 29th Nov 2016

Reviewer: Xavier

I love my pipe so much. it looked like such a fire storm with all the frit colors its hard for me to look away at it. Plus it has really good weight for such a small piece. i like to keep my piece clean so the big carb on it is a wonderful plus to keeping my piece clean.

Oh My Colors, 30th Oct 2015

Reviewer: Devon S

Budd Bay makes some very bright colored pipes and I love that. watching the video that they threw a pipe down the stairs and then kicked it down an alley to find it still in one piece was awesome. Probably one of my favorite glass blowers by far.

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