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The Stonerware section of Smokin Js is a great place to find a unique gift for your friend or loved one.  Stonerware isn't just for stoners!  We have all kinds of interesting and unique products that celebrate the alternative smoking culture and lifestyle.Here at Smokin Js, we offer the best Stonerware products for a complete stoner baking experience with our Totally Baked Stonerware Apron , Pot Leaf Silcion Baking Tray, Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter, and "Got Munchies" Cookie Jar for you to put all of your baked goods in! For those who like to drink in style, Stonerware offers decorated shot glasses, pot leaf pint glasses, pot leaf beer huggies, and the Stonerware Pot Leaf Ice Cube Tray, which is always a hit at get togethers. You can really impress your fellow party-goers by adding a little bit of food coloring to the cubes before freezing them. Our Stonerware section also features some very unique items that any smoker can appreciate, like the Stonerware Chess Game and the Best Buds Picture Frame. If you are looking for some great gift ideas, check out our Day of the Dead Clock and our Burlap Bags. They will surely not disappoint. Here at Smokin Js, we have everything you need for your smokin lifestyle and much, much more. We are always getting new, unique items in so be sure to check back with us for more Stonerware products.
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