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AMG American Made Glass

Large Eyeball Arted Steamroller Pipe


Adult Signature required on delivery (age 21).

Trippy artwork! Various colors.

12" long. Made with thick 50x5mm borosilicate tubing. These AMG, American Made Glass, creations come with trippy eyeball artwork and a perfect bowl and perfect hole every time.

AMG stands for American Made Glass, and it's clear when you look at their products that they stand behind that. The California based company produces high quality glass water pipes, hand pipes, and nug jugs, and we are very excited to have them here at Smokin Js!

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Lung buster, 21st Mar 2018

Reviewer: Aleksandr G

If you're not prepared, this pipe will punch you in the lungs! Quite a powerful hitter, making it perfect for a big gathering. Plus the eye ball looks super awesome.

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Heavy hitter!, 27th Dec 2016

Reviewer: Natalia H

This bad boy packs a punch! I was not expecting to get as big of hits as I have been getting. This steam roller really put my bud to good use and the color of the art work is amazing especially after getting it all dirty, the designs really pop!

Huge roller!, 8th Sep 2015

Reviewer: Mike T

big hitter would be an understatement. my first hit felt like i grew a 3rd lung, haha! I don't know how much this thing weighs but it has to be at least 3 lbs. if you have bad luck with glass, here's your lottery ticket.

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