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Large Metal Chamber Pipe


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Your basic large chamber pipe. Nickel plated brass. Each one comes with a lid and free metal screens.

Customer Reviews

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Love, 3rd Jul 2019

Reviewer: Rebecca K.

Awesome product and great price

Metal Pipe, 9th Dec 2018

Reviewer: Kathryn W

This is exactly what I was looking for. It is easy to clean, and does not fall over due to top heaviness. A sturdy pipe.

Good Memories, 15th May 2018

Reviewer: David W

I had a pipe like this over 30 years ago. Absolutely love this one. Great chamber.

Classic, 20th Jan 2018

Reviewer: Molly T

Bought for my boyfriend. He LOVES it. One of the best quality chamber pipes that I have seen. This is the only site that I have found that has chamber pipes of this quality. Wonderful.

Old School, 8th Jan 2015

Reviewer: Curt G

This is the best if you like the old school good working pipe.

Greatest, 20th Mar 2013

Reviewer: Shelby P

Love the stash pocket in the middle and that it comes with a screw on top so that it's super portable.

old fashion, 29th May 2012

Reviewer: Alex Thompson

UNBREAKABLE!..(to an extent)..the same metal pipe thats been around for decades..screw on lid and a chamber spot for a little great and fits perfectly in a pocket or anywhere really!

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