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Michael Shea

Large Thick Klein Recycler


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8" Tall

Creativity collides with the scientific in this locally hand blown Klein Recylcer by Michael Shea of Hoquiam, WA.

This piece is as sturdy as it is elegant and is sure to deliver smooth and satisfying smoke sessions every time. No detail was overlooked in the creation of this rig. Each weld is solid and seamless and adds to the overall uniformity of the piece.

The Kline style recycler is a great rig to add to any concentrate enthusiast's collection. Klines offer a unique way for filtering your smoke. It pulls the water from the bottom chamber of the pipe up to a second chamber above, for double filtration. The smoke goes up and out through the mouthpiece while the water spirals back down into the base. This continuous movement of water means your smoke is always stale dabs here!

A simple three-hole diffused downstem offers good balance between perc action and airflow. All the way down to the half inch pedestal base, everything about this piece is solid and built to provide well filtered and flavorful dabs.

14mm female joint. Nail not included

Customer Reviews

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Simple and clean, 25th Aug 2018

Reviewer: Brandon J.

This is hands down the best functioning Klein I have ever owned. The tornado affect is surreal and the style is very subtle. The signature at the bottom ads a little finesse and really reflects the style of the blower.

Function is unmatched, 25th Jul 2018

Reviewer: Brandon J.

I have never had a better functioning Recycler. The hollow base and three hole perk make the recycling action in the dual uptake ridiculous. Very clean clear glass with a subtle signature at the bottom by the artist.

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