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Positive Vibrations

Mini Steamroller Bubbler


Adult Signature required on delivery (age 21).

7" long
1" Tubing

Positive Vibrations Glass took their large and in charge Stubler and shrunk it down to a travel size.

The Stubler, a combination of a steamroller and a bubbler. Yeahm that's pretty cool. Form and function meet to create this powerful pipe that's smooth like a water pipe.

Positive Vibrations adds fumed accents to each model to make each one a unique creation just for you.

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A piece to pass, 16th Nov 2018

Reviewer: Aaron J

Very pleased with this purchase, one handed steamrolling action for one and all. It's a wonderful smoke circle piece as once the moderately sized bowl is lit, the pull from the bubbling seems to keep it lit quite well. So basically, cap it or share it, either way you've got some great smoke here.

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