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Opal Beaded Carb Cap Dabber


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4.5" Long

All the colors of a box of crayons! Make your color request in the comments box at checkout. These dabbers are the perfect addition to any dab kit! Each one has an opal bead at the top that also works perfect as a carb cap .... dabadabadooo.

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Art with Function, 27th Oct 2018

Reviewer: Tecate

Love that the opal adds some pizazz to my capping experience and the flavor is night and day from titanium to glass dab tools. Sweet tool to add to any collection.

Pretty and functional, 23rd Apr 2018

Reviewer: Brandon J

I had always used metal dabbers up until this point. Comparing flavor while using a metal tool to a glass one is night and day, especially when using a quartz nail. The cut opal adds a little flair to your capping experience.

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