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Orb Oil Rig UV Illuminossity


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Color: UV Illumossity
8" Tall
14mm Female Connection

Hand blown by Williams Glass, Made in the USA USA USA. This dab rig uses UV reactive Hulk color accents to set it off. UV Hulk changes color under a black light. The green color accents glow like they are radioactive under a black light, pretty cool.

UV Illumossity color is made by Glass Peace.

This Orb dab rig is elegant and beefy. The thick base is a 1/2" thick. The drop down matrix inline perc uses 12 custom hand cut slits to chop up the smoke with diffusion filtration.

The color accent is on the banger hanger, the mouthpiece lip, and the thick base.

This rig is a great daily driver with style to match.

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