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HIGH quality marijuana leaf socks. Very comfortable;)

When we saw these marijuana pot leaf printed socks available, we knew we had to bring them to you! These socks are awesome. Only $8.99 for a pair, compare our price on these socks. We have so many colors and color combinations available we couldn't take pictures of them all.

Make your color request in the comments box at checkout.

Customer Reviews

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Be comfortable in style!, 20th Apr 2018

Reviewer: Aleksandr G

There were so many colors to choose from. Super stylish and also pretty warm, had to pick up a couple of colors. How can you not love them??

Warm as hell, 23rd Jun 2017

Reviewer: Aaron P

Not literally i guess. haha But really damn comfy and they are by no means thin. I pick up a new pair whenever i buy something else. Always got fresh socks and the variety in color lets me wear them with any outfit.

Love these socks!, 23rd Feb 2017

Reviewer: Xavier S.

I have sooooo many pairs of these socks i can't count anymore. I get so many different color combinations that are very unique that i cant stop getting more of them lol. also they fit my size 12 feet which surprised me but if the socks fit, wear it!

Happy Feet!, 16th Nov 2015

Reviewer: Amy J

So warm and comfy. I love the colors and combos, I get compliments whenever I wear them! - Getting me a collection of these awesome socks.

Comfy AF!, 9th Jan 2015

Reviewer: Devon S

These socks are super comfy! they are so soft on the inside and there isnt a lot of slip on my hardwood floors, which i was worried about. Great colors I got the purple with green leafs on them! Thanks Smokin Js

sleeping bags..., 22nd Feb 2014

Reviewer: Mike T

for my FEET! i love these. i bought a pair just to have black and white leaf sox. now i own a pair for every day of the week and a few extras, because i like to mis match them. like the black/orange and the orange black inverse. fun sox but they just make my feet happy all day.

dopest socks on the block, 2nd Feb 2014

Reviewer: Elizabeth B

The color combos these socks come in are wicked gnarly!! I don't think my feet have ever been so comfortable in socks before these. These socks are super thick and warm. I haven't been able to find them at such a low price anywhere else.

super sweet, 9th Dec 2013

Reviewer: Josh B

these are awesome nice and thick and cost less then anywhere else i have seen. 2 pairs down only 14 or so to go :)

These socks make my toes happy :), 10th Nov 2013

Reviewer: Nicole B

I've already bought three pairs of these from Smokin J's! They're super thick, warm, soft and soooo coooooozzzzyyy! Plus, the pot leaves make me smile big every time I look at my feet :) Yay!

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