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Pure Quartz Reclaim Drop Down Banger 14mm Female


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14mm Connection

It's a drop down! It's a banger! It's a reclaimer! It's pure quartz! It's all those things in one affordable unit!

This pure quartz drop down banger will take your dab game to a whole new level. Reclaim will pool at the bottom of the drop down. The drop down will keep the hot torch away from your rig. The banger will provide a domeless way to dab.

This piece is so innovative, it does three crucial things in one pure quartz unit.

Yes, the entire piece is made with pure quartz.

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Love it, 22nd Oct 2017

Reviewer: Zack C

I got one of the best tasting dabs after buying this sweet nail. I really like having a special spot for reclaim to gather which makes the entire cleaning process so much easier.

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